Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Thursday, November 22, 2007

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Looking downwards from another bedroom window. The red roof building is the Kampong Delta Mosque. I understand from neighbours that it is not noisy. The two storey building behind is the multi-storey car park for Indus Road.
Looking downwards from one of the bedroom window. The facility is a rubbish collection centre. A couple of times a day, it will open up for garbage trucks to load. I use the foot path next to it very frequently to access to the main road.

Looking straight out from the bedroom window. These are the old HDB flats of Indus Road. Behind these flats is the main road, Ganges Avenue, that leads to the CBD.

Looking to the right from balcony. The red roof building is the APSN Special School (for educationally subnormal students). The HDB flats on the right are those old flats along Indus Road. Those tall buildings in the background are of course CBD :-)

Looking straight out from balcony. The red roof building on the left is Zion Road walkup apartments. You can also see Great World City. The field in front and the red roof building on the right belong to the APSN Special School. The field beyond that is the Boys' Brigade Headquarters. The space to the right of the Boys' Brigade HQ is the location for a new condominium.

Main door from lift landing.

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